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Seeing our external...my interior...dying from believing in a intolerant world. Stories of races, sexualities, policies, religions.... so many things that this world has dificulties to conceive.. But I think that over all each human being sets up his own body in a dubious space where violence grows every day, every minute for the desire to assert his opinions, his rights, in a certain freedom, equality, fraternity... By a long course various points were made clear regarding the importance of my role as a plastic creator through our contemporary society. Means of creativity, experimental expression, communication, means of pressure in art, space, the body, the object, the jewel...This reflexion allows my glance on my artistic work to make it possible for each wearer to wonder about what he is, what he is living and what he will become.

Vortrag am Freitag 27. Mai
— Student stellen ihre Arbeiten vor